AW Andy Weiland

The faces of CloudLab: Andy Weiland, Project Manager

Andy Weiland, vintage 1986, joined CloudLab as Project Manager in July 2017. He plays guitar, piano, bagpipes and violin and is living proof that enthusiasm for technology and heavy metal and sportiness are not mutually exclusive: in his free time he enjoys biking, swimming, hiking and going to the gym as well as winter sports and martial arts. He likes the diversity and the advanced level of his tasks as a project manager as well as the fact that he never really knows what a day has in store for him.

What exactly do you do at CloudLab?

I take care of various customer projects and ensure smooth processing and coordination between customers and the development department. I plan and develop new concepts – together with customers, developers and colleagues.


What do you like best about CloudLab?

That there is always beer available and everybody is up for a bit of fun. The homely atmosphere and the way we interact with each other are simply overwhelming and unparalleled.

What special events have you experienced with CloudLab?

Not a single moment of our company trip to Laax (Switzerland) will ever disappear from my memory.

What’s on your bucket list?

I honestly had to google what that is…  There’s nothing on it, though.


Which programs and series do you like to watch?

Breaking Bad, South Park, The Simpsons, King of Queens, Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones


What do you like to read?

Terry Brooks, Dmitry Glukhovsky, novels in general and of course printQ brochures and user manuals


Anything you’ve always wanted to tell your boss?

In a nutshell – simply “Thank you!”


What else?

Favorite food: Everything » Favorite actor: Bryan Cranston » Playing on repeat: Iron Maiden, As I Lay Dying, Sabaton, Killswitch Engage and many more » Dream destination: Scandinavia, Canada, New Zealand, Asia » Favorite travel destination so far: Laax (Switzerland) » Book recommendations: The “Shannara” series by Terry Brooks and the “Metro” novels » Unusual hobby: Cooking and beating up