LDC Luigi De Crescenzo

The faces of CloudLab:

Luigi De Crescenzo,

Sales Development Representative

Our Lui is of 1966 vintage and a real original! Since February 2019 he works as Sales Development Representative in our office in Berlin. His unique blend of Bavarian biker and impulsive Italian made sure that Luigi has quickly grown close to our hearts. We really can’t imagine to be without him anymore.

Luigi claims to be a happy single. But there is actually one thing that he loves unconditionally: his motorbike.

If our WLAN goes crazy you can hear him raving in his office with his charming Bavarian-Italian dialect “Crucifix Herrschaftszeiten nomoi”. Fortunately his teammate Nico is always able to quickly calm him down again.

What exactly do you do at CloudLab and what do you like about it?

I work in our Berlin office and take care of the customer acquisition by telephone. This way I get to know many different people, which I really like. It’s great.


What is your favorite part of your job?

The whole company is fun, I especially appreciate working with my colleagues.


Which actor would you give your personal Oscar to, and why?

Sean Connery – because he’s just great!

Which movies or TV Shows do you like to watch?

All Marvel-Movies, Dr. Who


Anything you’ve always wanted to tell your boss?

You’re a cool boss!


What else?
>Favourite dish: Schnitzel >Favorite band: ZZ Top >Place of birth: Naples >Favorite travel destination: The Carpathians and the Route 66 >Book everyone has to read: Nostradamus >Special hobby: Riding my motorbike >Personal motto: “Jetz jehn wa alle druff” – Quote from the animated film “Atlantis” 🙂