PJ Patrick Jarzabek

The faces of CloudLab:

Patrick Jarzabek,

Technical Consultant

Our “Pati” is a jack-of-all-trades and almost belongs to CloudLab’s inventory. He’s been working at CloudLab since the beginning of 2015 and has already done nearly every job there is to do. This makes him our “silver bullet” in the fight against stupid questions, stubborn programming and unforeseen events.

The trained media designer knows our managing director Marc from a previous job, and when Marc offered him a job at CloudLab, Patrick didn’t 

have to think about it very long: “Since I was sure that Marc’s project would work out, I was all for it right away!” Since then Marc has become Pati’s feared opponent in foosball, and Pati already had to “crawl” several times.

Pati has a dazzling personality and embellishes every tedious working day with his lively and nonchalant character – but don’t get on his nerves, he tends to attack people when annoyed.

What is your professional development at CloudLab?

I started working in the training and support department where I mostly trained our new customers in the use of our software. At the same time, I also worked as a project manager. After about 1 ½ years I switched to project management completely. Since the beginning of 2018, I have been responsible for the technical requirements in the whole sales team. Given that I’ve been here for such a long time and have been working in different departments, I’ve simply become a handyman for everything.


What exactly do you do at CloudLab?

I think it’d be easier and quicker to tell you what I don’t do, haha…


What is especially interesting about your tasks?

Every assignment and every project is different, even if it doesn’t look that way. There are never two customers with exactly the same requirements. And even if there is, you still need a different implementation approach for it. Every day here brings new experiences, that makes working here exciting, challenging and above all: fun.


What do you like best about CloudLab?

The most fun is actually to talk to someone who has many questions and assumes that we can only answer these with a simple “no” or “yes, but…” – but then we prove him wrong. Also I really appreciate the interaction among the colleagues: we are more than a team, and some of my colleagues have become good friends.


Are there any funny anecdotes about your time with us that you would like to share?

We used to have a coworker who was not quite right in the head, there are thousands of stories about him… One story that keeps coming up is the story of “Emrico”. The guy I am talking about heard how a mother wanted to call her son “Enrico”, but she pronounced the “N” like “M”. Since then the said employee invented the wildest stories and told it around, like for example: “Emrico, come, we have to learm Emglish for the test im school om tuesday. Repeat after me: My mame is Emrico, I am from Gelsemkirchem. Fimally I am emjoyimg speakimg Emglish” – probably this slapstick is only funny when you hear it, but nevertheless: this was world class!

I am a fan of….

… people who don’t spit their chewing gum on the ground.


Which travel wish is still on your bucket list?

New York


And what else is on your Bucket List?

To put a sparkling ring on Jennifer Aniston’s finger


Which TV Shows or series do you like to watch?

Family Guy, Big Mouth, BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty


Which movies do you like?

Bang Boom Bang, Sonnenallee, The Wolf of Wall Street, Forrest Gump

Which actor would you give your personal Oscar to, and why?

Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. I think both can portray ANY role and embody it completely authentically.

Anything you’ve always wanted to tell your boss?

Your steaks are the best!

What else?

Place of birth: Lünen > Unofficial title: man Friday > Personal motto: Be nice and then die some day > Favourite dish: cutlet with boiled potatoes and cucumber salad > Hobbies: muscle factory, TV shows and movies, occasionally music > Favourite drink: beer, protein shakes > Instrument: air guitar > Best travel destinations so far: California, Vegas, Rhodes > Favorite Reading: Memes and the flip sides of toiletries > Favourite book: The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business