SMW Sie Men Wong

The faces of CloudLab:
Sie Men Wong, Administration Manager

Sie Men Wong from Castrop-Rauxel has been working for CloudLab since June 2016. She is the always friendly voice on the phone, the masterful juggler of accounting numbers, coordinator, planner, and – last but not least – she’s the good soul of our team. It’s not only Sie Men’s cheerful spirits that make for a great atmosphere, but also her seemingly inexhaustible wine gum and licorice supply.

Sie Men, what would you say is the most interesting part of your job at CloudLab?

The diversity of my tasks in a flat hierarchy, where all team members know each other and interact with each other. My job is to support the management and our support team. Each day brings new challenges and new projects.

What concrete projects are you involved in at the moment?

Currently I am working on automating the accounting system, so our ERP system can take as much work as possible off our shoulders in this area. In addition, I am responsible for the management of invoices, orders, contracts, events and merchandise management, and I am the direct link to our service providers.

What do you like most about CloudLab?

I think it’s great that we all know each other and are more than just numbers in an anonymous large scale enterprise. Everybody, in any position, is recognized as a full-value member of the team, which creates a great sense of community.

Are there any funny anecdotes about your time with us that you would like to share?

We have a gorgeous painting in our kitchen. One of our colleagues involuntarily employed a mixer to create it, and we ended up just putting a frame around it.

One last remark on CloudLab?

CloudLab is a young and interesting enterprise with terrific colleagues. Each and every team member is unique, and it’s really fun to work here. We’ll have some jobs available in the near future. Join the team!


What else?

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