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For the design and implementation of our projects we at CloudLab rely exclusively on methods and models of modern software development.

The software architecture

Let’s see what’s under the hood, so to speak.

Our framework – the open source shop system Magento – is the world’s leading commerce system, with currently more than 200.000 installations. Magento guarantees highest stability and performance, while at the same time the system remains completely adjustable and extensible. The program core of Magento is based on the scripting language PHP. Some of the major advantages of PHP are its clear programming and structure and the easy maintenance. printQ is a modular cloud software with a program core, which is clearly separated from the functionalities. 

Thus it is always possible to extend the functionality by integrating new modules. This “mass customization print architecture” (MCPA) of printQ and Magento as well as PHP offers maximum flexibility and scalability to suit the complex and diverse needs of our customers.

A printQ-licence provides access to an individual Magento online shop for our customers, including printQ-software and an option for any desired number of stores (for example open online print shops, closed marketing management portals, eProcurement-solutions), on our secure cloud server in Germany. Ready to go, without tedious configuration.

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MCPA: Mass Customization Print Architecture

At CloudLab we believe that a successful online shop, whether open or closed, needs a clear orientation. The company or the print shop should define target markets and products and optimize and individualize the shop according to the defined goals. Our ‘Mass Customization Print Architecture’ (MCPA) makes the most flexible open standard-based software architecture available for companies to enable them to achieve these goals. 

The use of latest technologies, like for example our 3D-preview in real time, gives our customers an understanding of the implementation of highly individual print shops. We work together closely with each and every of our customers. Together we determine the most appropriate use of our print architecture for the respective project and adjust it to achieve optimal results. For the perfect print product for your end consumers.